How Long Does The Epilation Process Last

Silk-épil-lifestyle-4-1024x764Similar to waxing and plucking epilators remove hair by removing them from the roots. The only difference is that epilators make use of discs that spin and pull out the hair from the roots gently unlike waxing and plucking which is very harsh. The result is a fine and smooth skin that lasts for very long. Normally you will have a hair free skin for 2 weeks and the visible growth start to appear from the 3rd week. Most of the companies claim to provide results that lasts for four weeks but it is not the same for everyone.

The various factors that influence hair growth after the epilation process include

1. Physiological Factors

We all have different physiological make up. Depending on factors such as hormone production, age and genetics the hair growth time after epilation differs. As we get older, it takes longer for our hair to grow back. This means the younger people have to epilate more often than the older people.

2. Growth cycle of the hairs

All the body hair doesn’t follow the same growth cycle, and so it is not always possible to remove all the hairs from the root. Hairs that have grown just below the surface of the hair will appear quickly. In such cases the only solution is to remove the hair every 1 to 4 weeks for a couple of times. This will synchronize the hair growth cycle and you will be able to remove all the hair from the root. And so the results will last longer.

3. Un-rooted hair

During the epilation process there are chances of the hair breaking off below or above the skin surface. That is the hair roots are not removed. In such cases the hair tends to grow back faster. To reduce the hair breakage you need to follow the instructions to do a correct epilation. When you do it properly all the hair is rooted out and you will get to enjoy a smooth skin for longer days.

4. Diet

Women who follow a nutritious especially a protein rich diet that include salmon, beans, nut, eggs, chicken etc have a quicker hair re-growth. Protein plays a very significant role in promoting hair growth which is the reason why it is included in many of the hair care products.

5. Frequent Epilation

As mentioned above, the epilation process involves the removal of the hair follicles. With frequent epilation there is a great chance of the follicles getting damaged. So in the long run the hair becomes thinner and thinner and eventually stops to grow. And this is the reason why frequent epilation is a good choice to prevent or to slow-down the re-growth of hair.

The factors mentioned above play a significant role in determining the lasting results of epilation. Normally an epilation process guarantees a hair free skin for 2 weeks. To enhance the results ensure you epilate frequently at least for a few times. This will gradually slow down the hair re-growth process.

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